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About Us

Wealth Management The Pinnacle of Service: We serve a select few families of significant wealth, to ensure every member receives customized advice and exemplary service. Our mission: Preserve more assets for our clients, their families, and the causes about which they are passionate, through strategic wealth management. At Vogel Law Office, we  give best- in- class family office services to a select few families of significant wealth. Bringing breadth and depth of expertise across all the areas that impact wealth, our professionals  combine their knowledge to  ensure all of our families achieve their financial goals.   Learn  further about everything we do for our families.    By providing our clients with tailored tax specialty services, we create a foundational relationship in which we are entrusted with helping them accomplish all their financial goals. For many of our clients, keeping what they have is more important to them than future asset growth.  These clients understand that it may only take one event, be it a financial crisis, a lawsuit, or other unexpected occurrence, to turn their financial world upside-down.  While you may not be able to prevent such an event, you can take proactive steps to put yourself in the best position possible should one of them arise. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to wealth preservation.  While strategies often times include the use of entities, both domestic and offshore, to achieve the intended goal, what works for one client may not be appropriate for another.  We have seen our clients through all types of situations and use that experience to customize a unique solution for each client. Many of our tax minimization and succession planning recommendations include wealth preservation components.  While our practice areas are defined separately, many solutions cut across two or even three of these areas.  For example, in most cases, the best wealth preservation plan for your children is a plan that you can put into place for them, which will help preserve family assets from generation-to-generation with the least possible risk to outside threats.  If you believe that your personal wealth planning, your business operations, or your succession plan may be vulnerable to attack, please reach out to us for a complimentary analysis.